Take Time to Love Him

Do you make the time to be alone with your beloved husband or boyfriend (or girlfriend if you a lesbian)? Do you create quality time despite the fact that you have a job,… Continue reading

MyLoverMyBestFriend.com and Vote on Relationship and Couples blog name!

Blessings beautiful beings, I am taking votes for this blog. Although I have already added the name to AsttarteonSex.com, I have owned that name for several years and it was actually the name… Continue reading

Pulling Passion Out of a Hat

Where does passion come from? What do you do with it when it overwhelms you? But more importantly, how to you access it when it is in hiding? When passion disappears, what do… Continue reading


Originally posted on paganspathway:
Understanding, this is what many of us wish to gain. We wish to understand life and all that it has to offer, we want to understand love, and we…

Celebrating Spiritual Relationship

  Today I want to talk about Spiritual Relationship and what that means. I’m sure many of you have an understanding on some level of what spiritual relationship means to you, and perhaps… Continue reading

How To Turn on Your Lover!!!

When you look your partner straight in the eye and tell them you want them, their heart may melt with agony and desire. Gently touching their shoulder as you walk by and direct… Continue reading

Communication is Heart to Heart

Communication is Heart to Heart.

May I Love You?

Originally posted on Source of Inspiration:
May I just be near you, sit at your feet, gaze into your eyes, breathe your fragrance? May I love you without demand, happy to be made…

When a Partner lives through your Energy

People come together for many reasons, and sometimes we never know what those reasons are. Often times when we first meet someone we are vibrating at a certain frequency that matches with the… Continue reading


Unless you have realized others as one with yourself, you cannot love them

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