Prayer for Peace

OMMMM to prayer. Prayer I return to you. 
I’m moving to prayer. prayer. prayer. love. healing. love. prayer. intention. intention. intention. alignment. alignment. alignment. prayer. fighting only causes more fighting. I am praying for MY abundance, my success. MY wealth……. my healing. my acceptance. my heart to be in love. to be in love. NO ONE will see it this way, but my soul is BEGGING me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT make anyone heal, I can only hold the space that those I wish to heal, will. I cannot be anything I am not. I can only look within and find the true answers. I DO NOT want to fight anymore. I want to intend, manifest, pray……heal. And put MY healing magick into the world, my positive energy into MY life, my visualization skills onto that which will be MOST aligned for my son’s and my highest good. and draw the energy UP from the universe and out to the world. NO ONE will agree with me. I MUST fight this fight alone! And, keep healing my own anger for not getting Child Support along the way. The answers WILL come. 
Doing what everyone else has done will get what everyone else always has; separation, more fear and more fighting.
I need to love within, and be at peace with what is.
Breathing peace………  intending my own success…………..
I am sorry if you disagree with me about this.
I must do what’s peaceful.
Maybe later, I will fight, but my body doesn’t feel that is necessary and my heart and soul feel there is a better solution.
perhaps moving closer and spending more time as a family.
prayer is my choice now.
I am a powerful manifestor.
I can manifest anything I dream.
I just have to align my body and spirit to allowing it to come in.
As I pray for my family to heal its disconnect, it’s past karma, and clean up what is in the way…for my son, to get EVERYTHING he needs, I pray too, that everyone on this planet gets all the support they truly need to heal their family, to be united, to be at one, and for the love to always return, and for all the single moms out there… hear me, to pray with me, and know everything will work out for the best…for all!
Loving you, loving me,
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