New Sessions, Welcome & New Creation!

Hello those new this site! Forgive me while this process is all its development! I am in training, presently, for Professional Coaching – as the foundation, which covers all areas of ones life, and as you can see my primary focus is Relationships, however, your Whole Life is part of that process! I’m still in the decision making process of how I want to market this: Relationship Coach who also offers Whole Life and Mentor Coaching, or Whole Life, Relationship & Mentor Coach all in one! How many people are drawn to each will give me my answer.

This includes all areas that would impact ones relationship ~ family, parenting, business, career, life, leadership, spirituality, health and wellness, intimacy and the conclusion is whole life and mentoring. I will be starting my path as an author through this process, not ending with one book, but the doorway to many!

I am looking for Sessions during this process. I am offering Sessions all done over the phone and in person! Don’t miss out  during this special time.

3 thoughts on “New Sessions, Welcome & New Creation!”

  1. Hello! I fell upon your blog today when searching for Tantric practice information. I wish you well on your journey.

    My comment and question is this. After several years of marriage and being almost 7 years post ovarian cancer scare hysterectomy, my husband asked if I’d go to a Taoist Tantric Massage workshop one weekend. This reawakened not only my sleeping libido, but my life energy has become healed and very positive. I am moved by this and considering offering my own tantric massage practice and training. Any advice on how to conduct this successfully and without eyebrow raising, authority inquiring backlashes? Thank you for any input.

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